Product Info

Tx Option MM3 £735 (DVB-S) or £775 (DVB-S/T Software Selectable)

  • Wide Frequency Coverage: 70MHz – 2200MHz
  • Reverse Spectrum switch (for up conversion)
  • Software Selectable attenuator
  • DVB-S and DVB-T options (selectable via the front panel display) DVB-T in QPSK, QAM16 & QAM 64 (2k Mode) 1-8MHz
  • Special “Ham” DVB-T Mode – works down to a 1MHz bandwidth CVBS & S-Video Inputs CVBS PAL/NTSC/SECAM
  • RCA Phonejacks (Line Level) Stereo Audio inputs, S-Video and CVBS (PAL-SECAM-NTSC) software selectable inputs
  • Easy to navigate menus
  • Initial pre-configuration tyour requirements tachieve out–of–the box operation Compact unit – Ideal for mobile or fixed operation
  • Many custom options available:
  • High Definition H264 Encoder option
  • Multi-programme Multiplexer option
  • Receiver Option – TS output of a receiver module can be directly connected the TS input of the Modulator
  • RS-232 Control as standard

Tx Option MM2 £650 (DVB-T) or £700 (DVB-S/T Software Selectable)

As Option MM3 except for:

  • Frequency Coverage 30MHz – 470MHz
  • Superior Modulation Error Rate to MM3 – ideally suited to use with up-converters

High Performance Rx Option 7000 £300 (DVB-S or DVB-T)

  • DVB-T Receiver option covers: 148MHz – 866MHz
  • DVB-S Receiver option covers: 950-2150MHz
  • Includes Broadcast and Narrowband “Ham” Modes (DVB-T) Bandwidth software selectable from 1-8MHz (DVB-T)
  • NIM (option without decoder) Can directly feed a Modulator
  • S-Video, CVBS Video outputs (PAL-SECAM-NTSC) and RS-232 Control as standard