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Press Release: GB3DK – NOV Received

Justin G8YTZ is delighted to announce that authorisation and NOV has been received from OFCOM approving a new Digital Amateur TV Repeater at Selling Minnis, between Ashford and Dover, Kent.

The Digital TV repeater GB3DK will use the bandwidth efficient DVB-S2 format with 2 transport streams using 8PSK modulation format; though complicated to transmit, does have the advantage of requiring simple receiving equipment (an old DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver and pre-amp and a 23cm antenna is all you need tomreceive GB3DK) and therefore encouraging the up-take of ATV in the south-east. The ERP will be +13dBW to ensure good coverage from the proposed Omni-Directional antenna.

The input will be on 1260MHz and the output on 1302MHz. I look forward to “seeing” you all on the new repeater!

I would especially like to thank Noel Matthews G8GTZ for his help in obtaining the license NOV for this exciting new repeater.

Justin G8YTZ

Icom IC92 D-STAR Handheld For Sale

For Sale-Amateur Radio Handheld Transceiver:- Icom-IC92 in as-new condition with D-STAR module installed.

Also Includes:-
RS-92 cable and software
LC-168 Case
HM-174 Speaker-Mic (Non-GPS version)

Description: Rugged and submersible 5 watt Dual Band Amateur Transceiver HT with D-STAR built-in.

The IC-E92D is a waterproof dual band Amateur transceiver. The IC-E92D is ideal for D-STAR enthusiasts, active amateurs who are fans of outdoor pursuits or organisations that are looking for a simple GPS position reporting system.
The IC-E92D also provides waterproof protection, equivalent to IPX7. If used with the optional HM-175GPS, the IC-E92D provides GPS position reporting functions in DV mode; GPS functions are fully compatible with the IC-E2820 series.

Wide band receiver with dual watch capability
The IC-E92D has dual watch receiver capability, allowing you to receive two bands simultaneously (V/V, U/U, V/U possible). By pushing and holding the [Main/Dual] button, you can easily turn on/off the dual watch mode, while a press of the button allows you to toggle the active VFO channels. When in the dual watch mode, the operating frequency and mode are restricted to 495kHz–999.990MHz in FM/WFM/AM mode (VFO A) and 118–174MHz or 350–470MHz in FM/FM-N/AM/DV mode (VFO B).

Full Details can be seen here:-

IC-E92D Leaflet :-

IC-E92D Manual :-

Priced to sell at £330 (UK model, as new – unmodified so only UK delivery)
Provided with Manual and in the box, if interested please drop me an e-mail via the web enquiry form.

73’s Justin, G8YTZ

DATV Repeater Application for East Kent

Justin G8YTZ has applied for a NOV for a Digital TV repeater with an output on 23cms covering East Kent.

The Kent analogue FM TV Repeater has long since been decommissioned and Kent has never had a digital TV repeater. The proposed Digital TV repeater will use the bandwidth efficient DVB-S2 format with 2 transport streams using 8PSK modulation format; though more complicated to transmit than DVB-S the format does have the advantage of requiring simple and readily available receiving equipment (an old DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver, pre-amp and an antenna and is all that is required) therefore encouraging the up-take of ATV in the south-east. Transmitter power would be +20dBW to ensure good coverage from the proposed Omni-Directional antenna.

The purpose and goals of the repeater would be to:
1. Encourage amateurs in the south-east to begin experimenting with Amateur TV and self-build projects and to encourage the up-take of digital transmission.
2. Involve local radio clubs in the development of the TV repeater
3. Use it to help evangelise amateur radio as a hobby with live demonstrations at public events.

You can view the proposal at the following Link:


International Pricing

The quoted prices include UK VAT and shipping, however if you are ordering from outside the EU the UK VAT element (currently +20% of the base price) will be subtracted and the international shipping uplift added. You might of course depending on local rules have local duty and taxes to pay. Please note that I can only accept orders from and ship to licensed Radio Amateurs.

Next Generation DATV Repeater

    Next generation TV Repeater Development: Available for delivery from June 2013

I am currently working on a future proof repeater solution. I should have the working prototype (output 70—2200MHz) during April and a 3.4GHz prototype in a case during May. This product will be ideal for Analogue repeater keepers who want to convert to Digital. The entire repeater (driver Transmitter, receivers and multiplexers) will be contained within a 1U 19”chassis. Just add your own Rx filters and Power amplifier(s). The output is DVB-S2 (also DVB-S software selectable) or DVB-T 145-2200MHz (1mW) and with an option for 3.4GHz 1mW or 10GHz (1mW or 200mW on 10GHz) with up converter contained within the chassis (1U).
Here are some of the key and more interesting features:

– With DVB-S2 you can switch on the PILOTS and then the re-lock time is under 1 second, it also supports H264, or MPEG2 depending on what is sent by the user!
– You can select QPSK or 8PSK for an even smaller BW for the same bit rate giving the following bandwidth example:
Total 6Mb/s for programme using the following settings:
DVB-S2; 8PSK; 3/5FEC; Pilots=ON; RollOFF=0.25;
(6.95Mb/s with 5MHz spectrum bandwidth)

There are three inputs and two programme outputs, so two people can use the repeater at the same time! Here is an example configuration:

Input 1 (Programme 1) : Has an auto switch, H264 (HDMI) encoder for a sustaining programme feed from a local media player or test card generator, but when RX lock occurs on the receiver then the Transport Stream switches to the Rx so Programme 1 is then in repeater mode.

Input 2 (Programme 2): The second receiver can be connected to the second TS input, or you can specify a second TS switcher, so you can switch between the two DVBS/S2 receivers, perhaps one is 23cm and one has a down converter from 10GHz or between two receive antennas on the same band set to different frequencies. The lock indicator on the Rx causes the TS switch to switch and with priority on one Rx should there be a lock on both inputs, or configure both as a pseudo-diversity receiver driven from two Rx antennas.
This is an example configuration that I am using for the prototype, but all of the above is customisable to your exact requirements! Number of receivers, inputs, outputs etc. Remote control is via the RS-232 interface (modem etc), but I am also experimenting with a web control option.

I can also add an MPEG2 encoder for an external analogue Rx input if required as an alternative or an addition to the H264 encoder.

Example RF Inputs:
DVB-S/S2 23cm, dual receiver, (3Mb/s, 4MHz bandwidth) and output is according to H264 or MPEG2 whatever you send to it.
DVB-T 70cm in, 3Mb/s, 2MHz BW, QAM16; 2/3FEC; 1/4 Guard interval
Drop me a line if you are interested in discussing all the options.

Justin G8YTZ

Case Kits

I’ve had a few people who already have SR-Systems modules ask me if I can just provide the cases for retro-fit. Yes I can, but please be aware that the case is only compatible with the Display + Key v3 I2C interface board and not the Minikey unit supplied with the standard SR “Ham Set”. I can provide the case with mounting hardware for either the Tx or Rx (only difference is the rear panel) for £99 including VAT and shipping to UK addresses. The case kit includes all the mounting hardware down to the rubber feet.

Justin G8YTZ