DATV Repeater Application for East Kent

Justin G8YTZ has applied for a NOV for a Digital TV repeater with an output on 23cms covering East Kent.

The Kent analogue FM TV Repeater has long since been decommissioned and Kent has never had a digital TV repeater. The proposed Digital TV repeater will use the bandwidth efficient DVB-S2 format with 2 transport streams using 8PSK modulation format; though more complicated to transmit than DVB-S the format does have the advantage of requiring simple and readily available receiving equipment (an old DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver, pre-amp and an antenna and is all that is required) therefore encouraging the up-take of ATV in the south-east. Transmitter power would be +20dBW to ensure good coverage from the proposed Omni-Directional antenna.

The purpose and goals of the repeater would be to:
1. Encourage amateurs in the south-east to begin experimenting with Amateur TV and self-build projects and to encourage the up-take of digital transmission.
2. Involve local radio clubs in the development of the TV repeater
3. Use it to help evangelise amateur radio as a hobby with live demonstrations at public events.

You can view the proposal at the following Link:



5 thoughts on “DATV Repeater Application for East Kent

  1. Chris ASHBY

    Hi Justin, you might be interested to know the Kent Television Group analogue ATV repeater is not totally ‘decommissioned’, although GB3KT as such is no longer QRV. The equipment is still in use on a regular basis as a manned repeater and is shortly to be relocated to a high location on the North Downs. We as a long established TV repeater group in Kent are considering submitting an application to re-instate GB3KT at the new location.
    It would be helpful if you kept us informed of your plans regarding your digital TV repeater proposal and are somewhat surprised not to have heard from you.
    Our information is available on the ATV page on my website http://www.qsl.net/g4ayt which you are welcome to check out.
    Chris, G4AYT, Kent Television Group.

    1. Justin Post author

      Hi Chris, I got a not from Noel a few days ago to say that the CAA are actively considering my application! If I can help with kit for a North Downs location I would be happy to help as well. Justin

      1. Chris ASHBY

        Hi Justin and thanks for your message.
        Well, that’s good news at last. It sems to be taking a ludicrous amount of time to get anywhere with your application for NoV.
        Noel has suggested we also put in an application for NoV, but this would mean no option but to go digital on the output – something we don’t want to do for now. It would also complicate the issue with your request, so we decided to wait and see how you got on. Obviously there will be some conflict if you go ahead, especially as we are using the same frequency.
        We have actually got a digital transmitter available, but our members can’t see the point in changing when it all works fine as it is. So thanks for the offer of help with kit, but for now there is nothing we require.
        We will keep a close eye on how you get on and if reception at my QTH looks likely, will give it a go once you’re up and running. I guess you must have some users in mind, although I can’t think of any currently active in your proposed coverage area. Several have passed away in recent years and, as far as I know, the East Kent Television Network is no longer active.
        Our analogue system at Lenham remains operational daily from around 1400 – 2100, but we are struggling to get full activity. If you want to seethe latest check out http://www.qsl.net/g4ayt and go to the ATV page.
        Do keep us informed and if we can help you in any way, let us know.
        Vy 73,
        Chris, G4AYT, Whitstable, Kent. – Kent Television Group.

        1. Justin Post author

          Lenham would be a great place too… My dad lives there! He is running the “Save Lenham” campaign Chris, you may have heard the excellent result from the council meeting last night….

          1. Chris ASHBY

            Hi Justin, no, not heard the result but hope it’s good news! Where our repeater is at Lenham is a fantastic site, but activity is so low we are thinking of closing it down, a pity, but there just isn’t the interest. I see your NoV application is coming up to two years for Stelling Minnis, utterly ridiculous, and Noel wants us to apply and go digital – we’ll all be dead before we get it!
            Vy 73,
            Chris, G4AYT.

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