Press Release: GB3DK – NOV Received

Justin G8YTZ is delighted to announce that authorisation and NOV has been received from OFCOM approving a new Digital Amateur TV Repeater at Selling Minnis, between Ashford and Dover, Kent.

The Digital TV repeater GB3DK will use the bandwidth efficient DVB-S2 format with 2 transport streams using 8PSK modulation format; though complicated to transmit, does have the advantage of requiring simple receiving equipment (an old DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver and pre-amp and a 23cm antenna is all you need tomreceive GB3DK) and therefore encouraging the up-take of ATV in the south-east. The ERP will be +13dBW to ensure good coverage from the proposed Omni-Directional antenna.

The input will be on 1260MHz and the output on 1302MHz. I look forward to “seeing” you all on the new repeater!

I would especially like to thank Noel Matthews G8GTZ for his help in obtaining the license NOV for this exciting new repeater.

Justin G8YTZ

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