GB3JV Digital Amateur TV Repeater

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Justin G8YTZ is delighted to announce that the proposed new Digital Amateur TV repeater for South-East London is expected to go into service on 14th September 2019. The repeater can be received quite easily in its coverage area using a standard satellite receiver, combined with a C-Band LNB and a small dish antenna. I’ll publish some videos nearer the time to explain how to do this.

Latest news: Today, 29th August 2019 the antennas were installed:

  • Tx Antenna: Slotted Waveguide
  • Rx Antennas (1249MHz) 2 x Patch antennas with diversity reception, one pointing NE towards Essex and one pointing West towards Croydon.

Technical Details:

  • Tx Frequency: 3404MHz @ 2000 kS/s
  • Power: 15 Watts (150 Watts ERP)
  • Modulation Schema: DVB-S2, 8PSK, FEC 3/4
  • Multiplex, 1 x HD and 1 x SD channels
  • Tx Antenna: Slot/Horizontal polarisation 14dBi gain
  • Rx Input Frequencies 2440MHz (13cm) & 1249MHz (23cm)
  • Rx Antennas: 2 x Flat panel 9dBi gain (Diversity) pointing W & NE
  • Output is on the BATC Web Stream:

Schedule to go-live

  • Antenna Installation – Complete
  • 19″ Cabinet installation – Complete
  • We has hoped to be on-air today Saturday 14th September, however a couple of last minute issues; some minor hardware components did not arrive on time and a delay on electrician to install the power feed means that we’re delayed until Saturday 28th September. The good new is that the Tx has been on soak test and is running really well! I took the streamer down today whilst I test some other components, but it will be back up shortly after go-live.