GB3JV Digital Amateur TV Repeater


Justin G8YTZ is delighted to announce that the proposed new Digital Amateur TV repeater for South-East London is expected to go into full service in August 2019. The repeater can be received quite easily in its coverage area using a standard satellite receiver, combined with a C-Band LNB and a small dish antenna. I’ll publish some videos nearer the time to explain how to do this.

Technical Details:

  • Tx Frequency: 3404MHz @ 2000 kS/s
  • Power: 15 Watts (150 Watts ERP)
  • Modulation Schema: DVB-S2, 8PSK, FEC 3/4
  • Multiplex, 1 x HD and 1 x SD channels
  • Tx Antenna: Slot/Horizontal polarisation 14dBi gain
  • Rx Input Frequencies TBC 13cm & 23cm
  • Rx Antennas: 2 x Flat panel 9dBi gain (Diversity)

Schedule to go-live

  • Late July 2019: Antenna Installation & testing
  • August 2019: Tx Installation and Test transmissions
  • September 2019: Bring into Service