Press Release: GB3JV – NoV Received

Petts Wood, 3rd June 2019

Justin G8YTZ is delighted to announce that the NoV has been issued approving a new Digital Amateur TV Repeater located in Petts wood, Kent. The repeater output will be on 3404MHz, the input frequencies will be confirmed later. The transmitting antenna is a slot type made by Bert Modderman PE1RKI and the receive antennas are WiMO planar types. Justin hopes to have the repeater on test transmission in August 2019.

The Digital TV repeater is based on SR-Systems modules will initially use the bandwidth efficient DVB-S2 format with a future upgrade path to DVB-S-X2 when suitable receiving equipment is freely available. The 8PSK modulation format will be used @ 2000 kS/s; though more complicated to transmit, does have the advantage of requiring simple receiving equipment. A DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver, or better still a BATC Minitiouner, a small dish and an C-Band LNB is all you need to receive GB3JV and therefore encouraging the up-take of Amateur Television. Coverage predictions show reception possibilities across the heavily populated area of South-East & East London as well as parts of Essex.

If you are interested in Amateur TV, why not join the British Amateur TV Club and receive the excellent quarterly club magazine? Details at

Justin would especially like to thank Noel Matthews G8GTZ for his help in obtaining the license NoV for this exciting new repeater, Bob Dunne for his help in acquiring the site and members of the Bromley & Distract Amateur Radio Society, Gareth G4XAT, Andy G4WGZ, John, G8MNY for technical construction, advice and support as well as the site owners who made the whole thing possible.

Information and updates are published on the repeater web site  

Justin G8YTZ

21 thoughts on “Press Release: GB3JV – NoV Received

      1. Roger Meakins

        Just spent the whole weekend trying to receive GB3JV
        no luck though
        I assume electrician arrived and you have been transmitting !
        no updates to web site or Facebook !
        Roger G8HKN

        1. Justin CockettJustin Cockett Post author

          Roger, many apologies, I was nearly ready to go and a technical glitch with the Modbus controller caused me to run out of time – I’m travelling for business during the week days. Still no electrician, so I have an extension cable ready as a work-round.

          1. Roger

            14th November is not a Sunday
            Did you mean October.
            I am looking for a PA for 1249 MHz but no luck so far.
            Regards Roger G8HKN.

  1. Roger

    Hi Justin
    very strong signal here in Orpington near Goddington park
    I have lnb just propped up in loft !
    Roger G8HKN

    1. Justin CockettJustin Cockett Post author

      Roger, great news! Actually I can’t believe how well the repeater is going, just hope now for some further afield reports! That will be the true test! Dave ADM is going to have a go at receiving it in Harrow.

  2. Roger

    there was somebody east of southend who was dissapointed he may not receive it but maybe he will !
    how about an announcement on batc forum

  3. Steve G4htz

    Hi Justin
    Is the repeater still on in beacon mode during the day ….I’ve just purchased the correct scaler for the lnb for offset dish , along with a proper lnb bracket ….think I’ve sus Ed out the offset settings to use with MiniTioune……going to go mobile / portable to see where it can be received in south Essex …..not sure if it is working in repeater mode or just beacon mode currently.

  4. Justin

    Hi Steve,

    The correct Titanium LNB is the C1W-PLL The “W” is most important as this is the version that covers the 3.4GHz part of the band.

    If you are using a standard domestic Satellite Rx then the calculation for the frequency is fairly simple:

    1. Make sure the 22kHz is off, that will ensure that the TV/Box RX frequency is using the 9750MHz LO calculation below.
    2. Switching between 13V and 18V will alter the polarisation, so select the one that gives the best signal.
    3. The calculation is: 9750+5150-3404 = 11496MHz
    4. If your Rx supports C-Band LNB’s then get the LO to 5250 MHz and the Rx Frequency to 3404MHz
    5. I have tuned using a Samsung 6000 series TV and my main Sony Set. On the Sony I did a blind scan, but on there Samsung I just entered the tune frequency above.

    I man to do a video of how to set up some common TV’s

    1. Justin CockettJustin Cockett Post author

      Steve, when using Minitiouner the settings are:

      LO: 5150MHZ
      Frequency: 3404MHz
      Symbol Rate: 2000kS/s (not 20,000!)
      Remember to power the LNB with 13V, you need the U-link in and don’t short out the antenna terminals or you’ll fuse the little choke in the tuner module!
      Minitiouner will find the other settings automatically

  5. Steve G4htz

    Thanks for information Justin ….will probably use the minitouner….I do have a handheld sat finder which may work .
    Yes I have the wide band lnb …and also the correct scaler and lnb holder for offset 60cm dish …..hopefully get out this week …..will post any results

  6. Roger Meakins

    Hi Justin and Steve,
    On my Minitiouner I use no offset and frequency 01745895 khz
    Justin did I see you waiting to go in to Coulsdon Rally this morning
    I couldn’t find you inside !
    Whats the next step with the repeater ?

  7. Justin CockettJustin Cockett Post author

    Hi Roger,

    yes that will work, it is just that if you stream to the Tioune Monitor it is nice to have the correct frequency displayed.

    The next repeater step is to get the Rx working and the second SD channel (actually that’s easy, the source video will be the diversity receiver. I plan to do some work on this next weekend. I also intend to put a streamer input on the repeater (like HV) but I’ll get the receiver working first!

  8. Roger

    Oh well he must have been your double.

    Anyway I have just got a 23cm Yagi now pointing in your direction.
    No PA yet but could muster about 40 mWatts

  9. Steve G4htz

    hi Justin
    Been watching your sat finder video but managed to confuse myself …not difficult !!!!
    To set up for the repeater on 3404 MHZ what setting do you use .
    I have a similar sat finder to you and can set the lnb to 5150 from the menu .
    Presume you have to enter 0340400 ??
    Anyway thanks for video
    Once I get it set up I can do some mobile tests around south Essex down towards Southend on sea and up towards Basildon area .
    Got the wideband LNB with the proper scaler and a 60cm dish to put on a tripod .
    We are planning to move house in new year so no activity from home for a while
    Steve G4HTZ JO01JN


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