Finally G8YTZ has a new web home

You can view our videos on our Digital TV transmitter & receiver,  view our image gallery too and even get in touch if you have a question about our box-of-tricks



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  1. Dave

    I am hoping to receive your new repeater as I am only in Orpington but I am confused as your site says different things.
    On one page it says I need a C band LNB and on another is states a L Band.

    Could you please clarify which one I need. Do I indeed need a dish or could I pick it up and feed it straight into me satellite receiver’s input ?

    1. Justin CockettJustin Cockett Post author

      Hi Dave!

      Many thanks for pointing out this typo, now corrected. It should indeed be a C-Band LNB that you require. The antenna installation is delayed by a few weeks whilst I wait for shipment of an RMA replacement for a transit damaged antenna. If you have line of site to the Tx site at Petts Wood station, you will just need the LNB, but an old sky mini-dish (40cm type) should be more than adequate for most parts of Bromley or even further afield. For local use you can use just about any free to air DVBS-2 (HD) Satellite as long as you can enter frequencies manually, but a BATC Minitiouner is probably the best receiver solution for DATV.

      This is the LNB that I have: https://www.amazon.co.uk/C1W-PLL-Single-Output-C-band-Wideband/dp/B00HVM6LFS/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=Titanium+Satellite&qid=1562196285&s=electronics&search-type=ss&sr=1-5


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